Welcome at special-koi.com
On this site we will show special koi that are for sale at Japanese breeders, some of which we bought and others still owned by the breeder. We will only show the best quality which you won't find much at your dealers place. Usually you only see one photo when buying a koi directly from Japan but we will get as much information as possible. It will mostly include: more then one picture, a video and information about length, gender and breeder. We will also include a rate for the quality between 1 and 5, 1 for good quality, 2 for high quality, 3 for good quality showkoi, 4 for Japan grade showkoi and 5 for high class tategoi

When you are interested in one of the fish offered for sale at special-koi.com, you can contact your local dealer through our contact form which you find at the bottom of the page of every available koi. If there is no dealer available for your country, then please contact your local dealer and ask him to contact us. We are still looking for dealers that wish to become special-koi.com dealer! We are trying establish a world-wide network of special-koi.com dealers.